The Town of Clackmannan

Currently sitting behind the stage, playing the role of drum tech as Struan plays the Clackmannan Gala.

Very strange little village, it's pride and joy is a 200 year old church visited by the Queen on several occasions. Myself and Struan visited said church before the gala kicked off.

We're getting some serious wicker man vibes, this town hasn't quite been brought into the 21st century. However, that being said it's reminding me of something straight out the Witcher, jesters running around, people in costume, NOTICE BOARDS!! Actual on use notice boards, that's a shock to me. 

Anyway, the stage is positioned in front of a small clock tower facing the main street, which is littered with different stalls and oddities.

I must say I'm enjoying myself, I hope to accompany my compadre and a few more of these musical outings.

Stuart Mc


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